Pack Policies and Info


The primary fundraising activity for the pack is our annual Blue and Gold Banquet. The money raised is used to offset program costs to keep dues as low as possible.

We do also participate in other fundraising activities throughout the year, allowing scouts to earn money towards their accounts off setting out-of-pocket expenses.

Activity Fees

Activity fees cover costs associated with special activities outside of den meetings. These cover items line entrance fees, food, etc.

We have chosen to keep these separate from dues collected at the beginning of the year due to uncertainty of what activities we will be able, to hold due to COVID 19, this year.


Dues cover many items associated with participating in Cub Scouts, these include National Registration Fees, Awards, Equipment, and Supplies.

Uniform Policy

Pack 255 is a shirt-up pack. This means a scout shirt and neckerchief are required.

We do not require scout pants and other accouterments as we recognize scouts are always growing and see this as an unnecessary expense.

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Keeping Youth Safe

All leaders are required to take YPT (Youth Protection Training) annually and parents are encouraged to complete it.

Two-deep leadership is practiced at all times.

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