Arrow of Light Crossover

The completion of the Arrow of Light Award by a 5th grade Webelos Scout is the culmination of their Cub Scouting career. At the Arrow of Light Crossover ceremony, these Scouts cross over the bridge between Cub Scouting and the Scouts BSA program (formerly called Boy Scouts). 

On the beginning side of the bridge, they bid farewell to their friends in the Pack they have grown to know over the previous 6 years. Upon crossing the bridge, they are greeted and welcomed by the new Troop comrades they will get to know over the next 6 years as they enter middle and high school. This can be a particularly emotional event for Scouts and parents alike!

Cub Scouts can enter the Scouts BSA program upon turning age 10 and completing the Arrow of Light award OR completing the 5th grade OR reaching the age of 11. In our Pack, we usually do the AOL Crossover in March or April to ensure the new Scouts have adequate time to get up to speed with the Troop ahead of their first Summer Camp experience in July.